Race to the Middle Zineworks is a print publishing endeavor by photographer Pat Jarrett and writer S.E. Curtis which aims to promote artists who demonstrate care of the craft. We are based in the Shenandoah Valley and aim to take art off the screen and put it back on the page.

Prices are listed by issue and can be bought by contacting Shannon or Pat through this website. Retailers include: Black Swan Books and Records (Staunton, Va), The By & By Cafe (Staunton, Va), and Telegraph Gallery (Charlottesville, Va). 



  • Trouble

    For our last (more or less) quarterly zine we wanted to do a non-fiction issue. "Trouble" features six of our favorite storytellers spinning their true tales about the trouble they've experienced in their lives.
  • Plucked & Perfumed

    Plucked & Perfumed features two artists from Staunton, Virginia, Anne Hopestill Paulus (words) and Hannah Scott (images). Anne's sea-drenched poetry paired well with Hannah's photographic glimpses into the shipwrecks and shells of our lives. (Fall 2014) [$8]
  • What Was Face

    The fourth and final for the first year of Race to The Middle's (hopefully long and illustrious) life features the fiction of Michael Trocchia and the art of Leo Charre. We paired Leo and Michael together because the themes of their art generally balance between ideas of masculinity and magic realism. (Summer 2014) [ $8 ]
  • Digestible Issue

    The Digestible Issue is the third issue of Race to The Middle and features 13 writers and photographers who submitted their best cell phone photographs and “Tweet”-length poetry and prose. The concept behind this issue was to comment on the world of instant publication and easily digestible art. Both the images and text were printed separately from the book and are mounted on the pages. In this way, we took these photos and literature straight from the screen and put them tangibly in your hand, which begs for your attention, care, and concentration. (Winter 2014) [ $8 ]
  • Bar Ply

    The second issue of Race to The Middle, is the creation of two beloved Harrisonburg artists, Paul Somers and Elwood Madison. The Bukowski-esque work was conceived out of the grit and absurdity that comes with working long days and nights at bars. This issue relies on a comic book-style of design that integrates the poetry of Somers with the illustrations of Madison. (Fall 2013) [ $8 ]
  • Orange, Florida

    Premier issue of Race to The Middle. The short story “Orange, Florida” was written by S.E. Curtis and photographs by Pat Jarrett were curated not only to supplement the text, but also to stand alone as their own narrative. We thought it best-- as the editors and founders of the zine-- to show our own work in the first issue so that a standard could be set for the future of this publication. (Summer 2013) [ $8 ]