• I feel like Manhattan's Mary Wilkie everywhere I go...

    IKE You didn’t like the Plexiglas sculpture either?
    MARY (Sighing) Oh, it’s interesting. (Shrugging) Nah, I-uh, I, uh, tsch.
    IKE It-it was a hell of a lot better than that-that steel cube. Did you see the steel cube?
    TRACY (Overlapping) Oh, yeah, that was the weirdest.
    Ike laughs nervously.
    MARY Now, that was brilliant to me, absolutely brilliant.
    IKE The steel cube was brilliant?
    MARY Yes. Uh, to me, it was-it was very textural. You know what I mean? It was perfectly integrated and it had a-a-a marvelous kind of negative capability. The rest of the stuff downstairs was bullshit.
    Ike raises an eyebrow, reacting, as the film moves outside the museum to the sidewalk where Ike and Tracy, Yale and Mary walk in the sun, four abreast, talking.
    YALE (To Ike) You wanna go see the Sol LeWitts?
    IKE Sure, that’d be fun. (To Tracy) You wanna see Sol LeWitts t