• Telling the Untold History

    A longform essay on historical interpretation and reenactments in the context of dealing with intergenerational and historical trauma. Published by The Bitter Southerner
  • Fasnacht in Helvetia

    Words to accompany a photo essay by Pat Jarrett on Mashable
  • In Defense of the Tattooed Lady

    Read my long form cultural critique of Millennial Women's obsession with tattoos on The Riveter Magazine
  • Copy for Hilton Louisville Proposal

    This is an example of copy and technical writing for clients.
  • SEO Articles

    This is an example of an SEO article.
  • How to Survive in New York City or Why I Had to Sell My Copy of Infinite Jest

    The idea of "surviving" in New York City is sometimes an unattainable goal. This essay is available on the Approved Colleges Blog or on my Tumblr
  • Thinking Generally: The Purpose of General Education Requirements

    An essay that focuses on a cost benefit analysis of Gen Ed requirements. Available on the Approved Colleges Blog or on my Tumblr