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    "Orange, Florida" is a short story published by Race to The Middle Zineworks, a small zine press out of Staunton, Virginia.  Here is an excerpt:  The road was a two lane straight shot. Live Oak trees with Spanish moss dripping from their thick branches lined either side. The sun was still high and the land was still aglow. Clem sat in the driver’s seat of the orange and white truck. The Nevada license plate was hanging on by one screw. His left hand steadied the wheel; his right weighed down a pile of papers on top of a milk crate full of records. He glanced at the top sheet: a listing and the scrawl of directions to a house on Suwannee Street in Orange, Florida.  Grace’s head leaned against the window. Her feet pushed up against the dashboard and her knees almost grazed her chin. Dried blood from a cut on her temple smeared the left side of her forehead.

    "Lowlands" aims to encapsulate the way the air thins out as you drive north up U.S. Route 11 from the sole of Louisiana to Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.